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Global Steel vs. Dongmao Steel

Global Steel vs Dongmao Steel in International Sale of Goods Disputes

Global Steel, a steel trading firm domiciled in Indian, ordered from Tianjin Dongmao Special Steel Metal Material Trade Co., Ltd., a steel trading company registered in Tianjin China, 25 tons of stainless steel coins with quality grade of SS304. Gobal Steel paid full price for the goods after the seller shipped the goods on board.

Upon receiving the cargo, Global Steel found they were in poor quality condition and short weight as well. At this point, Global Steel sensibly consulted to attorney Benjamin Luo and got correct advice on how to prepar for a cargo claim to Dongmao Steel in China. With the help of Attorney Benjamin Luo, Global Steel collected ample and firm evidence to support the claim.

The goods were inspected at a grade of below SS201 and in shortage of weight by 4.31 tons, which caused Global Steel a loss of US$44000. Attorney Benjamin Luo represented Global Steel to file the claim and won in district court as well as in appeal court of Tianjin City. Dongmao Steel was ordered by the China courts to compensate Global Steel nearly US44000 for inferior quality and short weight. More detailes please refer to attached judgment.


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