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Touchroad International vs Pacific International Lines

Touchroad International Logistics Centre (China) Co., Ltd. vs Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd.

Touchroad International Logistics Center (China) Ltd., a trading and logistics company registered in Hong Kong, entrusted Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd. (PIL) to convey two containers of fabric goods from Shanghai China to Johannesburg South Africa. According to PIL’s schedule the goods were transported from Shanghai to Durban by sea and forwarded from Durban to Johannesburg by train.

In the course of railway transportation a derailment accident was taken place and the two containers were totally destroyed, which caused the goods therein seriously damaged. As a result the consignee in Johannesburg rejected the cargo and Touchroad International had no choice but to ask PIL to carry the damaged goods back to Shanghai. Because the cargo was not covered by insurance and PIL rejected to pay compensation for the cargo damages, Touchroad International suffered a loss of US$100,000.

In this case attorney Benjamin Luo was retained by Touchroad International to sue PIL for compensation in Shanghai Maritime Court and successfully won the claim. PIL was ordered by the court to pay a compensation of nearly US$90,000 to Touchroad International for his fault in cargo custody. Details please refer to attached judgment.


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